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We offer professional ultrasonic quilting (threadless) for:

  • filters
  • clothing and protective equipment (lining)
  • beach mats / beach loungers
  • waterproof mattresses protectors
  • furniture upholstery (artificial skin)
  • mattresses (faces and sides)
  • blankets
  • mattress protectors
  • bed covers
  • various waterproof products
  • door padding

Now the black wool is available for quilting services

We offer you professional quilting services for:

  • linings, coatings, facings
  • mattresses
  • bed-covers, coverlets, bed spreads
  • blankets
  • mattress protectors
  • covers
  • various quilted products

The black wool is currently available for quilting services

Minet Conf offers - as a related service - bale cutting (to obtain tape or for quilting at a lower width of bales that are wider in size:

  • bales maximal width: 3,2 m
  • tape minimal width: 2 cm


Minet Conf offers as a related service:

  • Transport of the materials to be quilted to our factory.
  • Transport of the quilted material to you.

Minet Conf has its own logistics department ensuring rapid response to customer requirements.

We operate a large fleet of trucks, monitored by GPS, which deliver our products to customers all over Romania.

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  • 12 Depozitelor Street, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County, Postal Code 240426, Romania
  • +40250733677
  • +40350401691
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