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Minet Conf - Privacy policy

General Terms
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. ("The Company") respects the privacy and private life with regard to the processing of personal data of every individual who visits this site and also S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. observes and complies with all current legislation regarding protection of personal data. This policy defines the information that S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. may collect and the way that information can be processed. This document provides instructions should you do not want your personal information to be collected or disseminated when you visit S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. websites.
Protection of personal data
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. will not collect any information or data identifying individuals (eg. name, address, phone number or email address - "Personal Data") on any of Company's websites unless such information is voluntarily provided by website users. The voluntary provision of information will be considered as your express consent that your personal data can be used by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. under the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not want your data to be collected, please do not share it with us. If you want your personal data to be removed from the database, you can always indicate this by contacting us at the address on the contact page.
The Company does not intend now or in the future to sell, rent or market personal data of users of this website to third parties.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. has no intention of collecting personal data from minor individuals. Wherever will be the case and whenever necessary, the Company will provide instructions, specifically for minors on this website, not to provide such details and / or take necessary measures to ensure the consent of parents or legal guardians when supplying personal data.
Parents or legal guardians should be aware that the Privacy Policy governs the use of personal data by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L., but that all data voluntarily supplied by minors during sessions of electronic conversations (chat), electronic messages (e-mail) or discussion forums may be used by third parties to generate unsolicited mail. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. recommends all parents and / or guardians to inform and educate minors about the safe and responsible use of personal data when using the Internet.
Additional information automatically collected
In some cases, S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. can automatically collect (ie not through voluntary registration) technical information, but not the identifying data of the user when accessing a S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. website. Such technical information may be, but is not limited to: the type of internet browser used, the operating system installed on the user's personal computer or the domain name or host of the domain from which the user connects to the S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. websites
Information automatically stored by your computer - Cookies
When accessing one of the Company's websites, S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. can store a volume of information on your computer. This information is in the form of a "cookie" or a data file similar to this, which can help us in many ways. This "cookie" helps S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. to build and refine the website content based on the users' interests and preferences.
Whithin the structure of each internet browser there are possibilities to delete "cookies" from your hard drive, to block the reception of "cookies" or receive a message when a "cookie" is stored on your computer. We recommend that you study the instructions of the internet browser you are using or the "help screen" for a better understanding and use of these functions.
Copyright © S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. All rights reserved.

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