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Mattresses with steel coil springs

MINET® Mattresses with steel coil springs

arcuri-otel-saltele-tip-relaxa-ortopediceA good support is essential for quality rest, undisturbed, not only when you lay down in a stable position, but also when you get back.
Because no matter how comfortable as a mattress, you change position regularly. In this way your body remains in perfect condition. The less effort you put, the less your sleep will be disturbed.

Quality rest
The quality of your day is determined by the quality of your night. Without a good rest at night you can not wake up fresh, full of energy and strength. Your rest during the night consists in three phases, each of them with specific requirements for bed and for the mattress as well.

Your sleep is at its best after a relaxing preparation before going to bed, for example by reading a book or watching TV. A proper mattress allows you to enjoy a time of relaxation. The mattress provides optimal support in any position.

When you sleep your body temperature decreases. Sometimes you have to lose extra moisture to help the body in the process of cooling. It is therefore important to have a dry bed, which absorbs moisture at the same time. It's just what these mattresses do. The upper layer ensures that moisture is well absorbed and transported away from the body. The middle part of the mattress consists on an open structure which carries moisture towards the sides. This process ensures an efficient ventilation.
The mattress practically breathes along with you, naturally carrying out the moisture and providings comfort and freshness while you sleep. To allow your muscles to relax and regenerate, your bed should keep the body in a stable position and natural. This is exactly what this mattress do in a perfect way.
Various processes happen to your body during sleep. Therefore we are a little taller in the morning than in the evening. To allow the spine and back to recover, it is necessary for us to move while sleeping. Mattress allows you to rotate and move without wakeing up, so sleep is not interrupted. Muscles, tissues, and of course the brain and memory must recover during sleep. This is possible without any problem just lying on a solid surface. This is where the mattress takes over. You'll wake up in the morning well rested, relaxed and full of energy for the next day.

sezoanefor all seasons!

Orthopaedical1 rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 4
Anatomical2 rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 0 rate 0
Hardness high
Height 25 cm
Warranty (years) rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 0 rate 0

1 Orthopaedical means that the mattress provides a stable support for the body and muscles without pressuring them in any way.
2 Anatomical means that the mattress takes the shape of the body and molds according to its outline.
A proper mattress must perfectly combine the two qualities, taking into consideration the weight of persons using it..

Special mattresses (round, irregular shapes, etc.)

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