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Mattresses without elastic core

Mattresses without elastic core



  • domestic use - at home
  • professional use - in hotels, hospitals, retirement homes

The mattresses without elastic core can be protected by:

for all seasons!

Orthopaedical1 rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 0 rate 0
Anatomical2 rate 10 rate 10 rate 10 rate 4 rate 0
Hardness small (standard)
Height 15 cm (standard)
Warranty (years) rate 10 rate 0 rate 0 rate 0 rate 0

1 Orthopaedical means that the mattress provides a stable support for the body and muscles without pressuring them in any way.
2 Anatomical means that the mattress takes the shape of the body and molds according to its outline.
A proper mattress must perfectly combine the two qualities, taking into consideration the weight of persons using it.

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