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MemoryFOAM Mattresses

MemoryFOAM Mattresses


The MemoryFoam mattresses are characterized, among others, by the use of the comfortable visco-elastic molded foam.
This material, developed for space travels, reacts very well to the body heat.
Thanks to this feature, the foam core can perfectly take the contours of your body, offering a balanced ergonomic support.

Thanks to the anatomical shape of the mattress and the interaction between the core and the heat cushion, muscles relaxing and support of the neck and head are guaranteed.
The mattress core ensures that painful pressure points are reduced to an absolute minimum and offers an adequate support for the spine, promoting blood and lymphatic fluids flow.
The core recovers its original shape in keeping with the movements performed.

The science behind a much more restful sleep
Finding the perfect mattress is almost impossible.
Soft mattresses do not provide adequate support, and harder ones can be a real pain.
Randomly choosing a certain type is not recommended

Now there is MemoryFoam, the revolutionary technology that offers you a mattress that takes care of your neck and shoulders, and that always molds to your shape - all night - every night.
Using your body heat, the MemoryFoam mattress molds taking over the support outline, thus eliminating pressure points.

The MemoryFoam mattress changes its shape even during your movements, keeping you in a correct orthopedic sleeping position overnight.
In the morning you wake up refreshed, relaxed and ready for a new day.

Superior comfort: molds to the natural contour of your body.

Therapeutic support: it helps maintaining proper alignment of your head and neck.

Adaptation to temperature: it uses your body's natural heat to activate the molding process.

Special outer protection: soft, comfortable, removable and washable.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-acarians
  • Strong and durable
  • Keeps its shape
  • Reduces painful pressure points
  • Allows the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids
  • Assures the proper support of the spine
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Helps against snoring, insomnia and headaches
  • Washable protection

It was specifically designed to help relax the shoulders and neck muscles.

Its shape fits best the anatomy of the spine, keeping it straight by supporting the shoulder and neck muscles during sleep.

Provides a comfortable sleep during the night and a fresh awakening is guaranteed.

It is produced without CFC gases that are harmful to health.
It is made ​​from visco-elastic polyurethane foam based on water.
This product is hygienic and non-allergenic.
Outer protection is washable.

Inactive (visco-elastic) foam was developed by NASA to especially protect the neck, shoulders and spine of astronauts during launches and landings against tremendous pressure encountered.

This unique material was used for years with great success for such purposes in the medical sector, and is now also launched to serve the consumer market.

This product is especially recommended for headaches, spine (back) pains, muscle pains and rheumatism, and for insomnia.

Pressure from neck, head and shoulders perfectly supported and distributed by the mattress thanks to its anatomical shape and response to body temperature.

Therefore the mattress offers you a comfortable sleep and you wake up in the morning in perfect condition without any pain whatsoever.


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