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100% Latex Pillow

The LATEX pillows are top class pillows manufactured by Minet Conf - national manufacturer of pillows for the home textiles industry.


  • The perfect flexibility combined with the aeration feature of LATEX, make the Latex pillows the perfect choice.
  • The anti-bacterial, anti-acarians and anti-allergic features of LATEX's make sleeping on a Latex Pillow to be ideal for everyone.
  • Optimal orthopedic head support
  • Reduces high-pressure points that hinder blood circulation. Release pressure points leading to a deep and peaceful sleep without stirring and without movement during sleep. A fresh awakening is assured!
  • High strength and uniformity
  • Superior self-ventilation and moisture control through open cell structure and hundreds of holes
  • The Minet Conf Latex Pillow enhances the quality of your sleep, already improved by the Minet® Latex Mattress

High self-ventilation and moisture control

  • Latex breaths thanks to the open cell structure which also helps reducing body moisture
  • Latex keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • The open cell structure provides self-ventilation
  • The movements during sleep cause a pumping effect which involves a constant air flow

Excellent body support and ergonomics

  • Thanks to its natural properties Latex offers a fine molding effect, ensuring comfort and proper support of the head, neck, back, pelvis and spine
  • In order to provide additional support, the Latex cores are designed with extra comfort zones
  • Latex offers a nice first touch, followed by an appropriate body support, which keeps the spine straight


  • Latex is extremely resistant to deformation and aging
  • The constant quality of raw materials which are permanently checked within the laboratory achieves the highest possible results

Maintaining elasticity

  • Latex is naturaly elastic, this feature ensuring a perfect support for every body's shape
  • Latex releases the pressure points that can cause agitation and turning during sleep
  • Thanks to its flexibility, Latex provides the best support and comfort
  • Latex can be used for any tpe of beds, even for the most advanced adjustable beds

Available Shapes / Dimensions:

  • normal (soap type)
  • ergonomical (anatomical / orthopaedical type)

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