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Latex Spaghetti Filler

Spaghetti Latex Filling Material

Usage of the Latex "Spaghetti" Filler:

  • filler for furniture pillows (upholstery)
  • filler for mattresses
  • substitute for shredded polyurethane (shredded sponge)

Advantages of  Latex "Spaghetti" Filler:

  • it gives the furniture cushions a high level of elasticity, specific to LATEX
  • it allows a high degree of compression
  • price comparable to polyurethane foam (old chopped/ shredded sponge)
  • no “aging” versus classic polyurethane foams

Features of  Latex "Spaghetti" filler:

  • Latex specific elasticity
  • it can be mixed in any proportion with polyester fillers
Fillings' Packing

In resistant raffia bags of about 15 kg each.
The bags have drawstring fastening at the top for easy opening / closing.
The bags can be reused.
The bags can be recycled (100% polypropylene)

Each bag / bale has a label applied, containing the following information:

  • product name
  • client name
  • date and time of production
  • netto and gross weight
  • operator and shift
  • lot number
  • barcode containing all the above information

To optimize transport and storage space the bags are vacuumed by 4 in a bundle of about 50 Kg.
100% recyclable packaging material: resistant raffia (100% polypropylene).
Do not store or expose bags / bales in environments with excessive moisture or under direct sunlight.
Any complaint must be accompanied by the label.

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